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Oyaji no senaka - おやじの背中

In order not to lose my level of japanese "listening", even in times when I have no time for studying, I try to hear as much japanese as possible. Of course I cannot meet japanese friends every day, so I try to search for more available resources ;).

In anime the characters tend to speak too casual or using dirty language, so I try avoiding them. In the other hand the news, movies or some series (doramas) use real japanese with different degrees of formality. They are also a good source to understand the culture and behavior of people in japan.

In a previous post, I showed the NHK Easy news that contain real news explained in a easy way for learning japanese.

This time I want to introduce you "Oyaji no senaka". It is a 10-episode series that explain different stories (each episode is independent) about the relation of a father and their children. 

It is a very important topic since in Japan the father is often seen as the one working and taking money home, but not participating as a real family member. Fortunately this is changing a lot nowadays. 

I found this serie very interesting for both practising japanese and understanding japanese society.

I hope you like it and find it useful :)