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What am I doing?

Although I am supposed to post contents about Software, Kyudo and Japan, I feel with the responsibility of writing a post about my current circumstances. My life has changed a lot, and I had no time to write as regularly as I wish in this blog.

3 months ago I made a big change in my life. I moved from Barcelona (Spain) to Tokyo (Japan) and I changed from a big-huge company (Roche Diagnostics) to a start-up (Libra Inc.) and changed Microsoft-based project (C#, TFS, Visual Studio) to a Javascript-based project (Typescript, nodejs, Jenkins, etc) and changed from Software Architect to Web developer.

Why I did that? 

In first place because of the experience. Letting aside the cultural change, language and the distance, I thought that my new position/company could make me grow as a professional. The pace in a start-up exhausting. The main goal is the time to market of new features based on feedback gathered from users. So the development-release cycle is much faster. Also I wanted to work with the technologies like Javascript now that it became so popular and there are so many options (when I started working with JS, there was no such a thing as jQuery around).

What I am doing now?

I am learning or updating my knowledge about the technologies being used. But also I am providing my experience in Test automation and Continuous Integration to the company, so we are starting to create pipelines based on Jenkins that some day (soon) will lead us to Continuous Deployment, or at least will make us able to decide if we want to do that or not.
I am also helping setting up agile methodologies (Scrum in this case) so we have a defined and predictable and measurable release cycle.

What else?

I am also starting a project with an ex-coworker I admire a lot. It is a mobile application developed using Xamarin and, although it is not 100% decided, we most likely will use nodejs backend in Azure using docker containers for running the different services.


I am in a moment of change and learning professionally as well as personally speaking.
I hope this phase will make a better engineer and more mature person.

I promise that my next post will be related to software. If you want me to post about any specific topic of the ones I mentioned in this post, just let me know.

Thanks for reading!

NHK - Yasahii Japanese

I have found another NHK website that offers free Japanese lessons:

It is called Yasashii Nihongo (Easy Japanese) and you can find the home page here.

You can download contents in mp3 and pdf to follow the lessons here.

At this point of time there are 12 lessons available, but the complete series will have 48.

If you try it please, let us know what you think about it :)