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Toni Tienda

I started my career developing web application in Java environments (using Struts framework). Some years later I started designing and developing web application in .NET (C#) using WebForms, MVC and later on Web API based applications. 

At Roche, I focused my career in communication systems (low level protocols and communication channels). I also was in charge of the build and test environments, performing tasks of dev ops (managing branches, build definitions and test agents).
After some years I assumed the role of Software Architect, specialised in enterprise integration patterns and communication systems. It included providing architectures that promote the interoperability, reusability and testability as long as implementing proof of concepts for new or potential products. 

I moved to Tokyo to join Libra Inc where I am back to Web application development but this time creating distributed systems under the AWS platform. I am very focused on CI / DevOps activities with git, Jenkins, Docker and AWS (ECS, DynamoDB, ALB, etc) but also developing backend services (using GraphQL for the API Gateway) and helping in UI implementation with React-Redux.

I founded tsoobame.com to play and enjoy the development of small projects and keep up to date in new technologies and trends. 

When I am not coding you can find me practising Kyudo, walking around Tokyo or reading.

I want to improve my knowledge about docker, react, AWS, functional programming, big data, as well as philosophy, history and many many other things :)

I am not currently interested on changing my job, but I would love to make contacts to discuss about interesting projects where I could collaborate or help or just meeting them to have interesting conversations in front of a good coffee.